Pre-sales Questions

What do I need to install a theme from WeAreNine?

You’ll need either a Big Cartel Platinum, Diamond or Titanium package, and if you are purchasing Moda, a basic knowledge of HTML, and access to a server to upload files (some customers have used Dropbox)

Are the themes fully customizable?

Yes. When you purchase a theme from WeAreNine you are sent a download link instantly to a ZIP file which contains the HTML and CSS files you need, as well as a read-me file detailing installation instructions. You are able to customize the HTML and CSS as much as you like.

Will I have to re-enter my products if I integrate a new theme?

Nope. The theme only modifies files associated with the look and feel of the site. We do recommend that you back-up your current theme, but your product data is always safe.


I’m getting a ‘You must include {{ head.content }} inside the <head> tag of your content’ error, am I doing something wrong?”

You need to open the supplied files with a text editor that doesn’t add/change any code, on a Windows PC we recommend Notepad, and on a Mac we recommend a specialist text editor like Coda or Espresso.

Theme Troubleshooting

When a customer gets to checkout the page just ‘hangs’

There is some javascript that the checkout page needs, so you need to make sure the ‘Show inside theme layout HTML’ remains unchecked, and the code from the theme folder has been copy and pasted in correctly

If you need any help with a theme you have purchased or have pre-sale questions please email at